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The English Curriculum

Our primary aim is to ensure that all students enjoy achieving to the best of their abilities in English.  Lessons aim to provide a lively and supportive environment in which students use English effectively and accurately in its spoken and written forms.

Our new Key Stage 3 curriculum has been designed to encourage a love of reading and to prepare students for the challenges of the brand new GCSE course. The Year 7 English course is based on the theme of ‘British Literature’, with students exploring Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’, a Shakespeare play, and UEA alumnus John Boyne’s ‘The Boy In Striped Pyjamas’. The Year 8 course includes a modern novel, War Poetry, the play version of ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Macbeth’. In Year 9, students will explore the theme of ‘American Literature and Racial Tension’ by critically responding to ‘Of Mice and Men’ or ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. They will also study Women in Shakespeare and begin preparations for their GCSE course by analysing poetry. Throughout each year, students will also complete a wide range of engaging writing tasks linked to the issues and disciplines explored in a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts.

At GCSE, students study the new English Language and English Literature courses, following the AQA syllabus, resulting in two grades from 1 to 9. Both qualifications are weighted at 100% examination at the end of Year 11. Students will sit two Language exams and two Literature exams. During the course, students will be exposed to a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction, including writings from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. They will also study a poetry anthology based on the theme of ‘Conflict’, in addition to ‘Macbeth’, ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ and ‘Lord of the Flies’.

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Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The English Department also offers a wide variety of extra-curricular events and trips which compliment students’ work in lessons.


Contact Details

Mr C. Hinton – Head of English


GCSE Exam Board

Students follow AQA English Language and English Literature courses.


Revision Guides

Students following the GCSE courses will be provided with an AQA English Language revision book and workbook, produced by Pearson. Suitable revision materials will also be supplied to support the English Literature course. We would recommend York notes revision guides if pupils wish to purchase additional revision materials.


Useful Links

The AQA exam board website provides useful guidance on the courses and access to past papers.