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The Modern Foreign Languages Department

The Modern Languages Department consists of 4 teachers; 2 German specialists, 1 French specialist and a Spanish specialist.  Lessons are taught in 4 well-equipped classrooms in the newest area of the school.

As a Department, our aims are to provide each child with an interesting, challenging and inspiring language experience. We strongly believe that learning languages is an important part of the curriculum and helps develop many transferable and life-long learning skills. It also helps to foster essential values such as open-mindedness, acceptance and tolerance. We are a dedicated, hard-working and approachable Department and we are always available to give help and support when necessary.

The MFL Curriculum

Year 7 pupils learn both French and German in their first year at Hobart and they are set according to ability.

In Year 8, pupils may choose to continue to study either French or German, consolidating and developing language and skills learnt in Year 7. Alternatively some students may choose to start Spanish in Year 8 and will follow a slightly accelerated course.  Whichever language they study, pupils will continue with this language until at least the end of Year 9.

Throughout KS3 pupils will study a range of topics and structures following the national curriculum and progress is monitored regularly through classwork, homework and assessments at least once a term.

We offer French, German and Spanish at GCSE and students are strongly recommended continue a language to GCSE.  It reinforces life-long independent learning skills and as it forms part of the EBacc, it also improves college applications and employability.  Pupils who study a language at GCSE make excellent progress at Hobart and the MFL Department achieves very good results from year to year.

Please click here for more information on the KS3 curriculum

Please click here for more information on GCSE languages.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

The MFL Department at Hobart offers exciting language and cultural experiences including a 5-day trip to Paris in year 9 and Berlin trip or Rhineland trip in years 9 & 10. We are very proud of our Department and of the many exciting opportunities of learning it offers.

Contact Details

Mrs K Burgess– Head of Modern Languages

GCSE Exam Board

Students follow AQA Languages courses and are entered for the examinations at either Foundation or Higher level.


We use the Pearson textbooks Stimmt, Studio and Viva for GCSE and provide students with vocabulary pages for each chapter throughout the course.

Revision Guides

We recommend the Revise AQA GCSE Revision Guides and Revision Workbooks by Pearson. They are available for all 3 Languages and we usually give students the chance to order them through the school early in Year 10.  The books cost about £6 each.

CGP also produce a GCSE AQA revision guide and exam practice book for about £6 each.


Linguascope      – Beginner and intermediate – simple but thorough vocab practice.

Username: Hobart         Password: mfl123   Online lessons with audio, games, vocabulary, grammar explanations and exercises.

BBC Talk German /French/ Spanish – short videos with worksheets  – very good website for lots of revision activities.  Also links to quizlet.   This is the French site, but there are direct links to German and Spanish.

BBC Bitesize – Good Listening and Reading.  Revision and Tests.



Memrise – language learning app, free to download.  Takes you through lots of vocab.

Quizlet – free app.  Lots of study sets available to practise through various activities.

Duolingo – another free app.  A bit slow but useful for the basics.



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