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The Music Department

Hobart High School has a vibrant and diverse music department. Over 200 of our students play a musical instrument and we have a variety of extracurricular activities to support their learning.  The teaching and learning of music take place through the key elements of listening, performing and composing.

The Music Curriculum

The curriculum at both KS3 and GCSE covers a wide range of musical topics including Western Classical music, Popular Song and Dance music, and World music. The Department has an extensive range of keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars and percussion instruments and performance on these forms an integral part of class music lessons. The curriculum also includes the use of music technology and the department has sixteen computers all of which run the note-writing software ‘Sibelius’ and sequencing software ‘Cubase’ and ‘Reason’. These considerably enhance composition projects and are used at every level. In addition, some computers have Alpha Lexicon decks attached which create opportunities for multi-track recording.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Peripatetic instrumental tutors teach the full range of String, Woodwind, Brass, Keyboard, Guitar and Singing lessons and some teachers contribute in the running of extra-curricular activities. Music clubs are held during the lunch hours and include a Choir, Wind Band, Jazz Band, Flute group, clarinet choir, Percussion Group, Music Technology Club and Rock School sessions. There are also a number of rock bands that rehearse after school. This year we will also have a recorder ensemble, folk club and the Hobart High School Ukulele Orchestra.

A variety of concerts are held throughout the year, notably at Christmas and in the Summer term. We also have our Young Performers’ Recitals in May and October each year. These are informal concerts wit to encourage our younger students to play in front of an audience.

Every year the music department leads in a large scale musical theatre performance. Last year we did ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ and in February 2016 Hobart High School will be performing ‘Grease’.

Contact Details

Mrs K. Wareham – Head of Music

GCSE Exam Board

We currently follow the Edexcel course in GCSE music which includes an option for students to take their music GCSE through music technology.

GCSE Controlled Conditions

Controlled assessments contribute 60% towards the final GCSE grade in Music. This involves completing two compositions and two performances. These are carried out during Year 10 and 11.

Revision Guides

Students will be provided with revision booklets which cover the different topics that make up the GCSE course.


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