Special Educational Needs

The Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator is Miss Gemma Corby.
The Governor with Special Responsibility is Mr Peter Fraser

Teaching and Learning
The Special Educational Needs Department at Hobart High School is characterised by high expectations of student attainment and progress, in addition to a rigorous commitment to the independent educational development of the school’s SEN students.  The department provides academic support for students at each Key Stage and is committed to the on-going development and provision of a range of targeted intervention programmes tailored to the individual needs of identified students.

Intervention programmes and in-class support are facilitated and delivered by an enthusiastic and committed team of Teaching Assistants who provide additional subject-specific support to the school’s teaching staff, in order to further advance the learning and progress of the school’s students within individual subject areas.

Students with Disabilities
Parents/Carers of students with disabilities are encouraged to visit the school in order to view the premises and its suitability; the school currently has slopes, supports on stairways, a lift, and toilets suitable for wheelchair users.  Students with disabilities are actively encouraged to participate in all aspects of school life and achieve both academic and social successes at Hobart.

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