Year 9 Curriculum


Digital Manipulated Portrait Project. Dry Point Etching Project; Artist and Cultural Investigations; Observational Drawing Project.


Year 9 builds on the strategies, mediums and elements that students have covered in the past two years, thus fully preparing those students who wish to take the subject at GCSE. Additionally they will be introduced to some more complex ideas such as conscience alley to help their characters make important decisions. They will explore the theme of Heroes and Villains and make connections between this topic and Victorian Melodrama. Texts that are studied are ‘Of Mice and Men,’ ‘Othello,’ ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and a selection of poetry.


Modern Novel: ‘Of Mice & Men’ or ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’; Women in Shakespeare: Analysing the portrayal of women across a variety of plays; Language Paper 1: Developing the skills required for this paper; Language Paper 2: Developing the skills required for this paper; GCSE Poetry Anthology: Power & Conflict cluster.

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Discovering Natural Resource; Discovering Geological Timescales; Discovering Earth’s Water


World War One; America & Russia in 1930s; Rise of Hitler; Key Events of World War Two; The Holocaust.

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The focus is on following a syllabus for a qualification in ICT. This is the Cambridge Nationals ICT Level 1 award from OCR, there are 2 mandatory units; the first is based on skills for Business and uses the core software applications to demonstrate competencies. The other mandatory unit is a 1 hour exam based on computer science and technology. We would like to offer students the opportunity to sit the exam at the end of Year 9 and complete the qualification if they have achieved a full portfolio for the first mandatory unit.

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Algebra; Geometry & Measures; Number; Statistics.  Please click here for more information.

Modern Foreign Languages

In all 3 languages the course builds upon the skills and knowledge pupils have gained in previous years. They are now developing their work with longer written tasks and a greater focus on grammar and translation in preparation for the requirements of the GCSE course.

In 2016/17 there are 2 bilingual groups studying French and German or French and Spanish.  These groups have 3 lessons per language per fortnight and follow an accelerated course.  For this reason they may appear to be slightly behind other groups at certain times of the year.  From September 2017 this will no longer be the case.

As in previous years,/ progress is monitored regularly through classwork and homework.  There are 3 assessments during the year, which will test the 4 key skills.


Textbook – Allez 2

Topics: Technology & media, relationships, healthy lifestyles & eating, pocket money, festivals, home, jobs, characteristics,

Grammar: Pronouns, modal verbs, imperative, imperfect tense, present tense revision, perfect tense revision, future tense, conditional, si, quand, depuis, adjectival agreement.

Skills: reading strategies, listening strategies, cultural awareness, pronunciation, proof reading, evaluating progress, translation strategies, memorizing.


Text book 2016/17 Logo 2 & Stimmt 2 (From Sept 2017 Stimmt 2 & 3)

Topics: shops & shopping, healthy lifestyle, food & meals, holiday plans, Norwich past & future, past holidays, media, directions, going out with friends, clothes, a first date.

Grammar: Revision & consolidation of present, perfect and future tenses, further use of imperfect tense, subordinating conjunctions, time phrases, word order rules, past tense questions, preferences, modal verbs, separable verbs.

Skills:  Translation into and from German, asking questions, proof reading, developing extended answers, manipulating language structures, adapting previously learnt language, evaluating progress, reading and listening strategies.


Text book: Zoom 1 & 2

Topics: Where you live, house &home, transport, holiday plans, accommodation, weather, past holidays, media, daily routine, helping at home, clothes, healthy lifestyle work & future plans.

Grammar: present tense, past tenses, regular & irregular verbs, connectives, adverbs, present continuous, demonstrative adjectives,

Skills: reading strategies, listening strategies, translation into and from Spanish, proof reading, evaluating progress, proof reading, memorizing, manipulating grammatical structures, adapting previously learnt language.


Indian Music; Popular Song; Minimalism; Musicals.


Football; Netball; Basketball; Swimming; Fitness; Table Tennis; Hockey; Rounders; Tennis and Athletics.  Please click here for more information.

PSD (Personal, Social Development)

Careers and GCSE choices; SRE – understanding HIV and AIDS ; Sexuality ; Home life; Finances and Local Government; Voting; Global community; Being a good citizen ; Anti bullying


Science & Ethics; The Sanctity of Life; Good & Evil.


New Technology, Turning Points & Detection in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Please click here for more information.


Casting Project; Mood Light; Eggs, food preparation and nutrition.  Please click here for more information.