School Nurse Support

The school nurse visits school and offers health advice and support to young people. This is a free confidential service that will take place in the school and where we aim to help the young people feel valued and that they will not be judged.

The range of advice may include:

  • Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing – Often young people face a range of situations that make them upset. We are here to listen. Sometimes talking to someone is enough to help the young person understand the situation much more clearly.
  • Physical Health – This is an endless list and can include dietary advice and advice about stopping smoking.
  • Sexual Health – Some young people become sexually active and it is important they stay safe and receive appropriate advice and help. We offer extended sexual health services to students in Years 9 – 11. These include access to the following:
  • C-card scheme – This is a free, confidential service which operates across Norfolk and Waveney allowing young people aged 13 – 24 to access condoms.
  • Chlamydia screening – self testing kits can be made available to young people as required.

We may not always have the answers and may sometimes recommend involvement of other professionals/agencies. This would not be done without the young person’s consent.

Discussions that take place are CONFIDENTIAL unless a young person confides that they have been hurt, abused, threatened and their safety is at risk. Other professionals would then have to be informed to ensure the safety of the young person.

Students can access the service without parental consent. However, we always try and encourage students to involve their parents/carers where possible. The school nursing team can be contacted on 01362 654916 between 9.00am – 4.30pm. This is a consultation/referral line and following discussion with staff, a nurse will be allocated to meet the young person. Parents/carers and the young person can refer via this number.