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You should expect to receive a response to your query within 24 hours and full resolution (where possible) within 5 working days.

About Our School


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Teaching Staff


RLI Mr Ross Li-Rocchi   Head of School rlirocchi@hobart.org.uk
CBA Mr C Baker 10CBA Teacher of PE - Part Time cbaker@hobart.org.uk
ABA Mr A Ball 9ABA Head of Business and ICT aball@hobart.org.uk
ABR Miss A Barker   Assistant Headteacher/DSL/ Teacher of Science abarker@hobart.org.uk
CBR Mrs C Bradford   Instructor of Food Technology cbradford@hobart.org.uk
EBR Miss E Brigham 10EBR Teacher of Maths ebrigham@hobart.org.uk
GBR Mr G Brown 7GBR Teacher of Design and Technology - Part Time gbrown@hobart.org.uk
MBR Mrs M Brown 7MBR Head of Design and Technology mbrown@hobart.org.uk
SBR Mr S Brown 10SBR Head of Science sbrown@hobart.org.uk
TBU Mrs T Burkert   Head of Year 9/Teacher of RE tburkert@hobart.org.uk
ACU Mr A Cullen 7ACU Teacher of Geography acullen@hobart.org.uk
JDE Mr J de Best 8JDE 2 i/c of Science jdebest@hobart.org.uk
JFA Mr J Fairey   Intervention Lead jfairey@hobart.org.uk
SFI Miss S Field   Head of Year 11/Teacher of Science sfield@hobart.org.uk
RGR Mr R Greenhalf   Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of PE rgreenhalf@hobart.org.uk
MHI Mrs M Hill   SENCO mhill@hobart.org.uk
SIN Mr S Inal 8SIN Teacher of Maths sinal@hobart.org.uk
LJK Mrs L Jackson 8LJK Head of Maths ljackson@hobart.org.uk
LKI Mrs L King 10LKI Head of Drama – Part Time lking@hobart.org.uk
ALA Ms A Langhan 11ALA Head of Art - Part Time alanghan@hobart.org.uk
ALE Mrs A Lee   Teacher of English - Part Time alee@hobart.org.uk
HLE Mrs H Leggett 9HLE Head of Music hleggett@hobart.org.uk
PLE Mr P Lengthorn 8PLE Teacher of English plengthorn@hobart.org.uk
LLO Mr L Loveday 7LLO Teacher of ICT and Business lloveday@hobart.org.uk
CMR Mr C Morris   Teacher of English/Head of Year 10 cmorris@hobart.org.uk
LNE Mrs L Nethersell-Webb 7LNE Head of Humanities/DEI Lead lnethersell@hobart.org.uk
RPI Ms R Pinder 7RPI Teacher of Maths rpinder@hobart.org.uk
APR Mr A Pritchard   Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Geography apritchard@hobart.org.uk
RRA Mr R Randall 9RRA Teacher of Science rrandall@hobart.org.uk
CRO Ms C Rodden 11CRO Head of English crodden@hobart.org.uk
RRU Mr R Rushton 11RRU Head of Modern Languages rrushton@hobart.org.uk
ASC Mr A Scott 10ASC 2nd i/c Maths ascott@hobart.org.uk
MSE Mr M Setchell   Head of Year 8/Teacher of History msetchell@hobart.org.uk
ZSM Miss Z Smith 9ZSM Teacher of Geography zsmith@hobart.org.uk
RST Mrs R Stammers   Teacher of Art - Part Time rstammers@hobart.org.uk
MST Mr M Stone 10MST Head of PE mstone@hobart.org.uk
NTA Mrs N Tarrant   Teacher of Food Technology - Part Time ntarrant@hobart.org.uk
ETA Miss E Taverner 8ETA Teacher of Humanities - Part Time etaverner@hobart.org.uk
HUP Miss H Upson 11HUP Teacher of PE – Part Time hupson@hobart.org.uk
RVI Miss R Vickers   Cover Manager/Instructor rvickers@hobart.org.uk
NWH Mrs N Wharton 9NWH Teacher of Science nwharton@hobart.org.uk
RWH Miss R White 11RWH Teacher of English rwhite@hobart.org.uk
JWI Mrs J Wilkinson   Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of PE jwilkinson@hobart.org.uk
RWN Mrs R Wilson   Teacher of Music – Part Time rwilson@hobart.org.uk
NWO Miss N Woods   Head of Year 7/Cover Supervisor/Instructor nwoods@hobart.org.uk



Admin / Support Team


MBI Mrs M Billington PA to SLT/Office Manager mbillington@hobart.org.uk
PMC Mrs P McLoughlin Administrative Assistant  
PFE Mrs P Ferris Receptionist  
JHU Mrs J Hughes


Technology Assistant

VBR Mrs V Brown SEN Admin Assistant  
PBE Mrs P Beer Data Manager  
CBM Mrs C Bromley Exams Officer  
VGO Mrs V Goodison-Gates Librarian  
MAR Ms M Armitage Pastoral Assistant marmitage@hobart.org.uk
HDA Miss H Dawson Pastoral Assistant hdawson@hobart.org.uk
ATT Mr A Tetley Attendance Officer atetley@hobart.org.uk
KMI Ms K Mirner IEU Manager  
PWR Mr P Wright DT Technician  


SEN Team


IAL Ms I Alderson Senior Teaching Assistant
HBA Mrs H Baldwin HLTA
MFI Mrs M Fisher Teaching Assistant
RAM Mr R Armitage Teaching Assistant
AWA Mrs A Wareham Teaching Assistant
CPI Mrs C Pincott Teaching Assistant
MKI Miss M Kirby Teaching Assistant
RHA Mrs R Hayes Teaching Assistant



Site Support Team


PBA Mr P Barnard Site Support Officer
DCR Mr D Crisp Senior Site Support Officer
ATE Mr A Tedore Site Support Officer
DSM Mr D Smith Site Support Officer



Hobart High School

At Hobart High School, our aim is to enhance educational opportunities for young people to the benefit of their community. We do this through: raising aspirations, improving teaching and learning standards, providing the best possible environment for learning and exposing our students to rich cultural experiences.

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