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You should expect to receive a response to your query within 24 hours and full resolution (where possible) within 5 working days.

You should expect to receive a response to your query within 24 hours and full resolution (where possible) within 5 working days.

Teaching & Learning at Hobart


The Maths Department

The Maths department comprises of five highly qualified Mathematicians who teach in five designated classrooms along one corridor of the school.  Each classroom is well equipped with resources including a smartboard TV which helps to deliver lessons with rigour and pace.

The Maths Curriculum

All pupils are set according to ability at the start of Year 7.  Progress is monitored regularly through class work, homework and a departmental set assessments once a term; where appropriate set changes will occur at Christmas and at the end of the academic year.

The department follows the national curriculum at Key Stage 3, so pupils have the opportunity to cover a range of topics and themes. All pupils are entered for the AQA GCSE at either the higher or foundation level at Key Stage 4.  Results in the department are well above the national average.

For more information about the Maths Curriculum please click here.

You can find out more information by viewing our curriculum maps here

Contact Details
Mrs L Jackson – Head of Maths
GCSE Exam Board
All students follow the AQA GCSE examination course.

Recommended Calculator

Sharp WriteView Calculator Scientific Battery-power 4-line 335 Functions 2-key Rollover – Ref ELW531B


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At Hobart High School, our aim is to enhance educational opportunities for young people to the benefit of their community. We do this through: raising aspirations, improving teaching and learning standards, providing the best possible environment for learning and exposing our students to rich cultural experiences.

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The Clarion Corvus Trust is a multi-academy and primary school Trust in the East of England. We aspire to excellence in all aspects of our practice. Mutual support, collaboration and challenge are key to our success. Raising standards for teaching and learning is at the core of all we do; providing students, pupils and staff with the opportunity to thrive, flourish and excel. This is a common vision for all our academies, no matter what their setting, context or circumstances.

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